MC-059 Hawaiian Crest Pendant

$ 1,350.00

Original Hawaiian Statehood Crest Design

14K, 10.7gr.

In 1977 my partner answered an ad selling jewelry tools and equipment, which we needed to expand production in our new and larger shop in Lahaina, Maui. We agreed to buy the tools and came by later with a truck. As we were loading, the people stacked several cardboard boxes with the equipment and said we could have them as well. As the tools were our immediate concern, we did not look inside the boxes until weeks and months later. It was mostly miscellaneous jewelry parts; settings, clasps, bails, hinges, beads, etc. The majority were non-gold and held no value to us. One day I opened a box to find some old rubber molds used to cast jewelry reproductions. There were none that I thought I would ever use, until I came across one portraying the Hawaiian state seal. It was a magnificently detailed rendering. I began to research the history of it. The family told me that in the mid 1950's their uncle had been commissioned by Dawkins Benny, a prestigious jewelry firm in Honolulu established during the Hawaiian monarchy, to create a medallion to commemorate Hawaii's impending statehood. As it turned out, the mold I had acquired was of that original medallion. When it was first released, the piece featured fired glass enamel in the traditional colors of yellow, red and white. I chose to offer it in gold only, without the colored enamel.