MC-002 Whale Tail Charm/Pendant - Medium

$ 150.00

Medium Whale Tail charm

Original Design by Moses Thrasher

14K, 1.2gr.

Medium Whale Tail designed and made by Moses Thrasher in 14k gold. She measures 18 X 18mm (3/4" X 3/4") and weighs 1.2 grams. Appropriate for a charm bracelet or small pendant.

The Humpback whale comes to Hawaii every winter to escape the cold Alaskan waters. While here they mate, have their young and, like most of us here, generally play and have a good time in the warm tropical ocean. It is common to see them breaching, spouting, and slapping their flukes (tail) on the surface.

In the mid 1970's I began designing fish, whales and dolphins. There was nothing like that here then. The jewelry themes were still post World War II, featuring pineapples, palm trees, hula dancers, etc. The stores started buying them from me. For the next three years I could hardly fill the orders. An article appeared around 1979 that mentioned three jewelers who, by focusing on Hawaii's sea life and wild life, were changing the look of jewelry in Hawaii. I was one of the three. The article gave me credit for designing the first whale tail in Hawaii. (See my Large Whale in this section) Because of the demand for the first one, the stores received requests for a smaller one. And here it is...