MC-021 Manta Ray Charm/Pendant - Small

$ 340.00

Small Manta Ray

Original Design by Moses Thrasher

14K, 2.7gr.

Small Manta Ray designed and made by Moses Thrasher in 14k gold. Measures 24X 22mm (1" X 3/4") and weighs 2.8 grams. Appropriate for a charm bracelet or small pendant.

Another endangered sea creature that, with attention and care has seen resurgence in recent years here in Hawaii. They are a delight to see while snorkeling or scuba diving and there are several shore side manta viewing areas.

In 1978 I was scuba diving near Lahaina, Maui. I had stayed out a little longer than I intended and found myself at almost sunset swimming through a murky area known for sharks. I was almost to the shore, about twenty feet under the surface, when I saw a shadow above me. I was certain it was a shark, so I stopped dead in the water. It passed overhead and then suddenly dove down in front of me. I was so relieved to discover it was a docile manta ray. As it passed by it twisted and turned in a ballet-like move and shot out to sea beneath me. The maneuver was so graceful I had to try to catch it in a jewelry piece. I rushed back to shore and pulled out my sketch book to capture the moment. The Large Manta Ray, featured under “Pendants” was the result. Asked by my cliets for a smaller version, I produced this one.