MC-018 Hawaiian Petroglyh Turtle Charm/Pendant - Large

$ 470.00

Large Petroglyph Turtle,

Original Design by Moses Thrasher

14K, 3.75gr

Large Hawaiian petroglyph turtle pendant designed and made by Moses Thrasher in 14k yellow or white gold. It measures 33 X 32mm (1 1/4" X 1 1/4") and weighs nearly 4 grams. It's big! Appropriate for men.

This item was designed after viewing real Hawaiian petroglyphs that are found in several places on the Big Island. It is the only evidence of writing found in Hawaiian culture and is believed to have occurred 500 to 1500 years ago. No one really knows who carved these graphic symbols in the lava rock, but they are found on all the islands. This one was from the south end of the island near Kalapana. Unfortunately, Madame Pele chose to take the area back, along with the entire town, in the lava flows of the 1990's.