Tahitian Keshi Starfish & Shell Ring 12-29-15 February 20 2016

I want to share my newest piece made just for fun, and now in the store. This one is all about the pearl. It is a knarley natural Tahitian keshi. This means that it is a natural occurring pearl, not farmed or cultured. Because the nice ones are so rare and unusual, I saved this one for a long time before committing to a design. For the ring, I used a seashore theme, a starfish and shell with a watery free form band. It was hand carved in wax and cast in 18K gold. The mouth of the shell is stuffed with a 0.04ct. white diamond. The center of the starfish is accented with a 0.015ct. black diamond.

Annapolis Insignia Earrings 1-30-16 February 20 2016

So, the gentleman, a veteran of the Vietnam conflict, came into my shop and said his son was just accepted and is now a cadet at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. To celebrate and commemorate the event, he had me design and make this pair of anchor earrings for his wife, the mother of the young cadet. They are pattered after the Naval Academy dress uniform insignia. The anchors were hand carved in wax and cast in 14K gold. The rope is twisted gold wire wrapped and soldered to the anchors. The accent stones are bright blue Ceylon sapphires. Not shown are the lever back ear attachments from which the anchors hang and dangle.

Boulder Opal Sea Turtle Ring February 20 2016

Thought I would make something new for the store for the holidays. So I made this whimsical turtle ring with a very colorful Australian opal for its shell. It was hand carved in wax and cast in 14K gold. Three days later, on Christmas eve it sold to a man who took it home with him to Albuquerque.

Mexican Mud Opal Ruby Lava Ring 12-10-15 February 20 2016

The gentleman walked in with a large rough chunk of Mexican opal asking, "What can be done with this?" It looked like it had some interesting and intense fire hidden under that opaque exterior. I told him I had a friend who was much more knowledgeable than I about opals and he is an opal cutter. Some time later my friend had cut two stones from the piece, both showing exceptional color and fire.
I was commissioned to make this ring from one of them. It is a total free form design based on the fluid patterns made by pahoehoe lava framed by a more conservative, contemporary border. It was hand sculpted in wax and cast using 21 grams of 18K gold. Having the gold come over the top of the stone is one of the most challenging assignments I have ever faced. The gold on top was lifted up, the stone slid in, then l very carefully pulled it down over the opal and secured it by riveting through the front face of the ring to the bottom. Burmese rubies accent the 'lava' on each side.

Ruby Diamond "Nugget" Ring 11-19-15 February 20 2016

An old customer came into the store today to get his ring cleaned and polished. I made this ring several years ago, but never got a photo. This is a ruby and diamond man's ring. I hand carved the masculine, "nugget" style ring in wax and cast it in 14K gold, then nestled the rubies and diamonds among the "nuggets".
Here it is...

Diamond Plumeria Scroll Ring 11-4-15 February 20 2016

I just finished a new Hawaiian themed man's ring today. It features a half carat diamond (0.51 ct.),with color and clarity of G-SI1. The design is a sturdy, solid, classic man's ring, carved by hand in wax and cast in 14K gold. The pattern on the sides are traditional Hawaiian maile vines.

Creating the Manta Ray July 21 2014

In 1978, I was scuba diving near Lahaina, Maui. I had stayed out a little longer than I intended and found myself at almost sunset swimming through a murky area known for sharks. I was almost to the shore, about twenty feet under the surface, when I saw a shadow above me. I was certain it was a shark, so I stopped dead in the water. It passed overhead and then suddenly dove down in front of me. I was so relieved to discover it was a docile manta ray. As it passed by it twisted and turned in a ballet-like move and shot out to sea beneath me. The maneuver was so graceful I had to try to catch it in a jewelry piece. I rushed back to shore and pulled out my sketch book to capture the moment.